About Us

I sew.  It’s the thing that I know how to do better than anything else.  Well, I’m pretty good at packing and unpacking for a house move, but mostly, I sew better than anything else I do.  I am the youngest of four and when all of my siblings, who are all significantly older, were in school, it was just Mom and me.  In the late 60’s early 70’s, there wasn’t a lot of appropriate television for children, so my Mom would have me ‘help’ with whatever project she was working on.  Well, not really, but that’s what my five-year-old brain thought.  As soon as I was tall enough to reach the peddle and see the needle move, I began to sew, and haven’t really stopped since.

My Mom is my inspiration.  She taught us all that you really can make something from what seems like nothing, you just need to see it in your mind.  My friends would laugh and tell you how many times they’ve heard me say ‘Do you know how easy this would be to make?’ and they would not be wrong in telling you that I say it a lot.  In fact, they joke that my headstone should be engraved with that exact quote.  The truth is…I enjoy the challenge of ‘making something out of what seems like nothing’, and hopefully, here on our site, you will have some insight into what is inside my mind.

My husband Chris and I live in a small town in New Hampshire with our furry-four-legged baby, Max.  Chris is my soulmate, my partner in crime and my partner in Julie Ann’s Quilting & More.  He has determined that in this business, he is the ‘back of the house’ and I am the ‘front of the house’.  His job is to make sure that everything just works – including me.  Luckily for him sewing, creating, fabric, embroidery – it all brings me joy, so it’s not like work.

So, welcome to Julie Ann’s Quilting & More, hopefully your visit here will bring a little joy to you.


Chris & Julie